Antibody Test

Antibody Test
  • RAPID ANTIBODY tests are not recommended for
  • Clinical diagnosis of COVID-19 infection
  • Enrollment of human subjects for any clinical trial
  • Determining the immune status of an individual to declare him/her as recovered
  • Please Note:
  • These rapid antibody test kits have been validated in the laboratory. However, the performance of
  • the kits may be subject to variation under field conditions.
  • Below listed kits are validated with the mentioned batch number only. Responsibility for batch to
  • batch consistency lies with the manufacturer.
  • Antibody based rapid tests which are US-FDA approved can be used directly after due marketing
  • approval from DCGI.
  • Till date, 196 antibody based rapid tests have been validated, and the following were


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What are immune response serology tests?
Immune response serology Blood tests check for the presence or level of explicit antibodies in the blood. Antibodies are proteins that your insusceptible framework makes to battle unfamiliar substances. These substances are regularly microorganisms, (illness causing microbes, for example, infections and microscopic organisms. At the point when you have a disease, your body makes antibodies that are designated to those microbe. These antibodies might shield you from getting another contamination or from getting serious indications. An immunization can likewise give insurance by setting off your insusceptible framework to make antibodies to microorganism.

A neutralizer serology test can show that your insusceptible framework can ward off specific illnesses which is tested in blood test centre

Different names: immune response titer test, counter acting agent test, immunizer serum test

What are they utilized for?
Counter acting agent serology tests are utilized to search for antibodies to explicit illnesses. These include:

Measles and mumps
Varicella zoster infection, which incorporates chickenpox and shingles
The tests may likewise be utilized to check for specific antibodies that might be an indication of an immune system illness. Immune system illnesses make your safe framework assault your own cells, tissues, as well as organs accidentally.

Immunizer serology tests are not used to analyze sicknesses. They can show that you have antibodies to a sickness. In any case, they can’t show on the off chance that the antibodies are from a current or past disease or from an inoculation.

For what reason do I really want a neutralizer serology test?
You might require this test:

To see whether you’ve had a new or past contamination.
To actually take a look at your inoculation status. Assuming your clinical records are deficient, you might require this test to see whether you’ve been inoculated.
To see whether an immunization is viable. In the event that you’ve effectively been inoculated against an infection, the test can show assuming your immunization is giving sufficient security.
As a necessity for your the everyday schedule. A few associations might require verification of past disease or immunization.
To see whether you have an immune system infection, like lupus.

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