Banshi Professional and Management Services


Banshi Professional and Management Services

Banshi professional is a consulting and management company with a strong focus on professional business consulting, legal and commercial counseling, marketing and sales. Our consultants are carefully selected and highly experienced professionals in their own field of expertise. We believe that the knowledge is the key to our customers’ success. If you want to improve your business performance or simply want to expand into a new market, we can help you take those next steps.

Banshi Professional and management consultancy is a digital marketing, IT and business consulting firm based in Kolkata, West Bengal. Banshi has made its mark in the market with its expertise in providing end-to-end business solutions to small, medium and large enterprises. Banshi has been able to build a strong relationship with the clients by understanding their needs and providing them the best possible solutions in terms of efficiency and customer satisfaction. The company focuses on identifying key areas of improvement for the client businesses to help them expand their business profitably.

Banshi Legal Consulting Services

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