Bejan Daruwalla – The Great Astrologer


Despite being a Parsi, Bejan Daruwalla was an hot follower of Hindu Lord Ganesha, who believed that Life is a sum of minding and daring approach
World notorious Indian Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla breathed his last on May 29 at a private sanitarium in Ahemadabad. The 89- time-old admitted to the Apolo sanitarium, was on ventilator support after complaints of breathing traffic for once many days. Though there are no verified reports, but some enterprises suggest that the deified prophesier was infected with COVID- 19 contagion. Born on July 11, 1931 as Bejan Jehangir Daruwalla, the famed prophesier hailed from a Parsi( Zoroastrian) background. He’s the patron to Maharaj Kunwar, Prince Lakshyaraj Arvind Singhji Mewar, City Palace, Udaipur.

Daruwalla is now survived by his woman Gooli who’s also a tarot card anthology; and to sons Nastur and Ladsaria who also also indulged in divination. Despite being a Parsi, Daruwalla was an hot follower of Hindu Lord Ganesha, who believed that Life is a sum of minding and daring approach. Till his veritably last breadth, Dariwalla sermonized of three main principles of leading or lives. He said that it’s important to have an open mind; secondly – to observe effects, and thirdly – to probe still and fully, and also give the prognostications. Bejan Daruwala As A Professional Astrologer

Bejan Daruwalla was laboriously involved in literacy and exercising divination and changed the lives of numerous. He earned trust across the globe through his detailed analysis of planetary positions and prognosticating its goods on the world. He was notorious for combining the principles of Vedic and Western divination, I- Ching, Tarot, Numerology, the Kabalah and indeed Palmistry. With the right combination of these principles, he made largely accurate and applicable prognostications. Bejan was nearly associated with a number of journals, magazines, TV channels and publishing houses each over the world. The Penguin Book, “ Change Your life ” has mentioned Bejan as one of those who could motivate and inspire others to give their veritably stylish. He appeared on NBC and ABC TV channels in Columbus, New York, Ohio and was featured on the BBC, in Hard Talk India. Bejan regularly contributed divination grounded columns in colorful publications across India and globe. These included Dainik Bhaskar, Times of India, Hans India, Speaking Tree, Divya Bhaskar, The Sunday Times of India( Bombay, Kolkota, Delhi, Chennai), Telegraph( Kolkota), Navhind Times( Goa), Dell Annual Horoscope( New York), News India( New York), Berkley Dispatches( London), besides others A PhD holder, Daruwalla also worked as a professor of English in Ahmedabad. His affinity with politicians, and Bollywood film thresholds was well known.

In 2015, Daruwalla revealed that PM Narendra Modi had shown him his win, and the reading showed that the leader held great strength and personality. Popular numbers similar Prince Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar, Sushil Kumar beside others were Daruwalla’s regular guests. Awards And Achievements Bejanji’s achievements and delicacy have been appreciated and conceded by numerous. Daruwalla had earned the loftiest degree of Vedic Divination – Jyotishi Mahahopadhyaya. In August 2000, he was fete with the title of” The Prophesier of the Renaissance” by Bharat Nirman, an all Indias association that promotes and takes up formative program in all walks of life. Daruwalla was also conferred with the ‘ Stylish Prophesier Award ’ for the time 2009 by the Russian Society of Astrologers ofSt. Petersburg. Bejan was also awarded in absentia the Babasaheb Ambedkar Noble Award in April 2017.

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