Elephant And Mahout Cross Ganga River In Bihar’s Vaishali



A video going viral on social media shows the mahout trying to guide the elephant to safety as the animal is almost completely submerged in water, looking like its drowning. The heart-stopping visuals show the elephant and mahout braving through the gushing river by swimming for three kilometers to try and get to safety. In the end, the two could be seen reaching a corner of the river where people were standing. Both the elephant and the mahout were shifted to safety

Source: https://www.india.com/viral/viral-video-elephant-mahout-brave-swollen-ganga-river-bihar-vaishali-raghopur-5510760/https://www.india.com/viral/viral-video-elephant-mahout-brave-swollen-ganga-river-bihar-vaishali-raghopur-5510760/

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