Pakistan had long ago removed Darwin’s theory, India has followed the same path


Scientist Charles Darwin’s book ‘Origin of Species’ was the first such book to write in detail on the origin of organisms for the first time. Due to this book of Darwin, many religious beliefs also got a shock.

Darwin always kept on knocking in countries like Pakistan and India. Pakistan had long ago removed Darwin’s theory from its syllabus, now India has followed the same path and removed Darwin’s theory from the NCERT textbook. All these self-proclaimed scientists consider themselves scientists before Darwin and prove Darwin wrong even today. I do believe that science is open to possibilities and one rule can be challenged by another. Darwin It is also possible that the theory may not be final.

But in countries like India-Pakistan, Darwin, Einstein, Newton etc. are challenged not by scientists, but by religious fanatics and religious books. Guess where we are and where we stand in the world? By the way, it is also true that we would not have become humans from monkeys because where have we become humans till now? When some people in our country can believe that everything has come into existence since 2014, then what is the problem in believing that one day we suddenly appeared with face, arm, thigh and feet.

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