Rishi Aurobindo Memorial Academy Boarding School


Rishi Aurobindo Memorial Academy boarding school is an educational institution where students not only study but also reside for the duration of their academic term. Unlike day schools where students return home at the end of the school day, boarding schools provide accommodation, meals, and facilities for students to live on campus throughout the academic year. Here are some key features of boarding schools:

    Residential Facilities: Boarding schools have dormitories or residential halls where students live during the school term. These accommodations are supervised by resident staff such as dorm parents or housemasters.

    Structured Schedule: Boarding schools often have a structured daily schedule that includes academic classes, extracurricular activities, study time, and recreation. This structured environment helps students develop time management skills and promotes a balance between academics and other activities.

    Community Environment: Living on campus fosters a strong sense of community among students. They develop close relationships with their peers and often form lifelong friendships. Boarding schools also emphasize values such as teamwork, responsibility, and respect for others.

    Extracurricular Activities: Boarding schools typically offer a wide range of extracurricular activities such as sports, arts, music, drama, and clubs. These activities enrich students’ experiences and provide opportunities for personal growth and skill development outside the classroom.

    Dedicated Faculty: Boarding school faculty members often live on campus or are available outside regular class hours to provide academic support, guidance, and mentorship to students. This close interaction between students and teachers fosters a supportive learning environment.

    Preparation for Independence: Boarding schools help students develop independence, self-reliance, and resilience as they navigate daily life away from home. They learn to manage their time, make decisions, and solve problems independently, which prepares them for the challenges of adulthood.

Rishi Aurobindo Memorial Academy

Address: 134 P.K Guha Road, Airport Gate No 1, Kolkata-700028.

Call Us: +91 9836871371 | 9862088228

Website: www.rama.org.in

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/people/Rishi-Aurobindo-Memorial-Academy/100083146819191/

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