Star Katsu


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Star Katsu theory is to take our treats and excess all through the world. We are the most established and conventional chain of café in Kolkata. Consequently, it will be an enjoyment for us to offer a genuine taste from our cooking alongside a remarkable eating experience to each individual on the planet. We wanted to give the best feasting experience at a reasonable cost. We continually build up our total work to convey our clients a first class feasting experience and cheer their faculties. We invest each microsecond of our energy to offer our visitor with the most delightful food and most affable feasting experience. Bringing about 100 % fulfilment. We generally endeavour to make each second important. Extraordinary eating experience is tied in with making each the visitor experience essential. At Star Katsu, exemplary Indian dishes are deconstructed and re-examined with a new viewpoint.

Star Katsu cuisine celebrates the true essence of Bengali taste. Here we cater a blend of ecstatic delicacies from the districts of West & East Bengal. Through subject based food celebrations like Poila Boishak (Bengali New Year), Jamai Sasti, Durga Puja, Poush Parbon, and so forth one can appreciate choice. Every single dish at Star Katsu is cooked from newly crushed flavors. The way of cooking at Star Katsu requires parcel of mastery of our gourmet experts, from the capacity to guage flavor, blend, marinate and judge the hotness to that ideal taste.

Restaurant in Kolkata

52, Ballygunj Place, Kolkata 700019 (Near South Point High School)

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