I regard the employment of this Bomb as the most diabolical use of science – Mahatma Gandhi


The beautiful lifelong activist Frances Crowe leads us to Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi was a clear and immediate critic of the bomb and any of the distorted reasoning behind militarizing the technology. His life was cut short, but it’s clear what he would think of India and Pakistan’s shallow and proud bravado with the bomb.

When I heard on the radio that we had dropped a very dangerous bomb killed a huge number of people
I literally unplugged the iron and went out on the streets looking for some help
Someone who could help me figure out what could be done I ended up in a used bookstore in the manager of the bookstore.

It was very understanding And he said you should start reading tall story
He has the answers it’s interesting. That’s what Gandhi said You know was someone who sent him the articles my tall story that got him going So I bought a couple of books and started reading
Mahatma Gandhi was a prompt and mighty critic on this with all his hardy stated has not the atom bomb proved the futility of all violence I regard the employment of this weapon as the most diabolical use of science The gravest sin in the world of science The bomb will not be destroyed by counter bombs
The West today is pining for wisdom the heritage of all our great teachers speak to us that it is up to you
To tell the world only evil can come out of evil as good out of good He often quoted Max Miller that truth needed to be repeated Again and again as long as there were men who disbelieved it

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