Best English Medium School in Howrah – P.P. Memorial Academy


find Best English Medium School in Howrah – I.C.S.E / I.S.C Board School

P.P. Memorial Academy one of the best English Medium School in Howrah typically offer a range of facilities to support the learning and overall development of their students. P.P. Memorial Academy is a school where your talents will not go unnoticed. Here are some common facilities you can expect to find in English medium schools:

A school is a lighthouse of society with tomorrow inside opportunity to every child to build a dream career for a happy and peaceful life

Best English Medium School in Howrah
  • To provide opportunity to every child to build a dream career for a happy and peaceful life.
  • Aims at blending work and study with artistic, recreational, cultural, religious and social activities.
  • Strives to realize the ideals of an all-round education as epitomized by so many educational innovations.
  • Foster the overall growth and maturity of its pupils by providing latest educational innovations.
  • In culcates an appreciation of our cultural values through an exposure to our cultural heritage.
  • A spires to develop human, social, spiritual, moral, cultural and religious values in the pupils.
  • Instills religious values in order to help our pupils develop into mature persons who are able to achieve harmonious integration between religion and life.
  • Helps the pupils to discover and realize their own goals in life.
  • Guides to spread fraternal love, an atmosphere of friendliness and mutual understanding among staff, students, parents and management
  • Discovers the potential of the students and tries to develop it in every field of life
  • Renders assistance to strengthen family atmosphere between teachers and students when they share activities together in places like playground, library, etc.
  • Leading the young to the acceptance of God and his role in their eyes.
  • Providing opportunities for group experience and building up educative communities.
  • Offering vocational orientation in the activities which deepen awareness of the importance of environment.
  • Aims at offering integral human development, social growth, personal growth, responsible citizenship and education to love.
  • Helps to discover helps the deeper meaning of the happenings in their life.
  • Guidance to respect work, profession and direction to view them as vocation
  • Helping the students to pray at all circumstances so that their life becomes God-centered.
  • Helping students develop a healthy self-image through a positive school climate that creates an atmosphere of freedom and growth.
  • Developing academic excellence through hard work, determination and perseverance.
  • Offering training to students to think, to reflect, to evaluate, analyze logically and critically.
  • Formation in values, in attitudes and in religious behavior based on personal conviction.
  • Encouraging staff and students to be leaders, administrators, civil servants, professionals and person who will reach out to the marginalized and underprivileged of the society.
  • Promoting a campus culture with human and social values where gender equality, respect for each other and caring environment exist.

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P.P. Memorial Academy Contact Details

Dhulagori Puratan Chowrashta Dhulagori, Jujersha Road, Howrah—711302

Desk No- 033-65005857
Mobile No- 9903894297 / 8584999169


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